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Code Generation & Meta-Programming in Embedded Software

from on 13.03.2017
Tools Zühlke

Code generation and meta-programming can be significant time savers in embedded software projects. But pro-ject leaders and developers are reluctant to use it, for various reasons. This post looks into these reasons and analyses them one at a time. In conclusion, only some of the reservations towards code generation tools seem to be justified. Continue reading

Cross-platform development with JavaScript – Hands on

from on 20.02.2017

In the last blog post I give an overview about the technologies used for my cross-platform development experiment. Now I will show you the results of the demo applications: Let the magic happen In the following examples, I will show you how you can develop a cross-platform application with the chosen stack. The example application will show a list of persons. You can select one by clicking on a list Continue reading

Distributed Systems: How to design resilient applications with Hystrix

from on 18.01.2016

Resiliency is becoming increasingly important. In this blog post I will give you an overview on how to design resilient, distributed systems on the JVM by means of the framework Hystrix. The examples should put you in a position to start using Hystrix in your system. Continue reading

Lessons from Making a Game in 48h

from on 08.09.2015
Shadow of the Monster

“Ludum Dare” (pronounced dah-reh) literally means “To give a game”. It is a quarterly competition that attracts thousands of participants from all over the world. The rules are simple: each contestant is given a theme and has just 48 hours to develop a game from scratch. You are not allowed to use existing assets such as graphics, music or special effects and you must work alone. Continue reading

Working software, iteratively

from on 27.04.2015
Working software, iteratively

How does scrum framework work in an embedded systems programming environment? My first post advocated adopting an agile approach to embedded software development. One agile principle is breaking up projects that are over a month or so in duration into a series of smaller deliveries. These deliveries might be suitable for a customer to assess or even actively use, or might be intended only for internal validation. They allow progress to be Continue reading