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Can you find the 3 smells in “I added a Refactoring Story for the next Cleanup Sprint”?

from on 12.03.2015
Mad Developer

This is an interesting statement. Let’s see how often the alarm bell rang in your head. I mean how many smells you can find in that statement… Before you scroll down to read my answers, please count to 10 and try to find 3 issues. “I added a Refactoring Story for the next Cleanup Sprint”? Have you thought about it yourself? Really hard? Let’s see: 1. “I” Really? You added a Continue reading

5 things bad developers say and what to do about it

from on 17.02.2015
Mad Developer

I talk to a lot of people (if the day is long enough) and so I get them to ask interesting questions like: “What have you learned recently?” or “What is your top 1 goal for 2020?” These questions and more leads us to interesting conversations about personal development and personal goals that a person has. Being a Trainer, I like to ask people questions especially related to software development Continue reading