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TimeCurl: Time Tracking made Easy

from on 18.12.2014

I don’t know how you feel about tracking time spent working on different projects. It can be a tedious task if you have more than a few activities to track. I personally want it to be as straightforward as possible with the minimal amount of time spent fiddling around with a program or app. For quite some time I used simply a tabulation sheet, which is great for entering long Continue reading

What I Like in Swift — And What I Do Not

from on 09.07.2014

Swift is a hot topic at the moment, isn’t it? I was three weeks ago at the Scala Days conference in Berlin — excellent conf by the way and more than happy having met so many great people there — and Swift was, more often than not, a hot conversation topic. “What do you think about Swift?” was I asked. “Is it not similar to Scala?”. It is. And it Continue reading