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Death of the Blockchain – exaggerated?

from on 14.07.2016

Recently, there has been much carping about blockchains – some commentators going as far as calling them “snake oil” and lead developer Mike Hearn disowning the whole Bitcoin project. In part, this stems from the very success of Bitcoin – the system is approaching its limits in terms of the rate of transactions it can support, as well as the total money supply. Continue reading

Is more planning the only way to reduce uncertainty in new ideas? A Stars2Road workshop experience report…

from on 17.09.2015
Stars2Road workshop - SpiderBegins1

Long time ago, I worked with a team of programmers in Australia where we had 5 programmers that were coding happily all day long. A project manager handed us requirements and clarified them every day in a daily sync meeting. Since we were a new team and lots of us just came fresh from university, we were a young, excited and happy hacker team. We were the “classic” programmers those Continue reading

Big Data Breakfast

from on 13.08.2015
BigData Breakfast

“Big Data” is a relative term and means different things to different organisations. It is usually not about the volume of data, but the approaches to both data collection and storage and the use of that data to realise business benefits. The following three signs can be useful to indicate if an organisation is entering “Big Data” territory:     Existing IT infrastructure cannot cope with the growing dimensions of Continue reading

Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation (Part 2)

from on 06.01.2015
Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation

In my last blog post, I reviewed the many dimensions in which businesses can innovate. The most obvious and visible innovation that a firm can make is when it innovates its offering. This requires the firm to develop and launch new products and services. Many service innovations are digital, which require creation or changes of software. Likewise, the innovation in many modern products, such as consumer electronics, cars or medical Continue reading

Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation (Part 1)

from on 01.12.2014
Innovation in business

Over the past few months there has been a certain buzz about “innovation”. Lots of seminars, coaching sessions and discussions at the ITDF event focused on how businesses can innovate. It seemed there was agreement that British businesses, and European for that matter, need to innovate in order to remain competitive when faced with increasingly stiff global competition. Consensus on the meaning of “innovation” however, was conspicuously absent. Continue reading