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In search of a usable map service

from on 07.08.2014

Criteria for choosing a web map provider In my previous article I defined the basics of a web map service provider. In this article I will discuss the criteria for choosing the right web map provider. There are many good articles about comparing the technical features of the web map providers. I am specially interested in what I should know about an application before I start using the map, or even before I start reading comparitive articles Continue reading

GIS: Introduction to Geographical Information System (Part 1)

from on 20.05.2014

When I was working with Geographical Information System (GIS) and somebody asked me what I do for living, I tried to list a bunch of technologies and say something about a geographical information system, but the listener was still puzzled. After saying “a little bit like google maps”, it was all clear. But what is GIS really? You will find the answer below. Continue reading