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To “C” or not to “C” – Challenging the Embedded Standard

To c or not to c

C is often considered the language of choice when developing embedded applications. Is C used due to its paramount suitability, or it is used due to the industry’s reluctance to adopt more modern language features? Introduction As an embedded software engineer, I often find myself working on a project where C is the selected language. After one or two weeks of struggling with the limitations of this language I am Continue reading

Agile embedded?

from on 24.02.2015
Agile Embedded

Many embedded systems developers have used agile techniques or their related precursors such as XP and scrum for a decade and have found development both more enjoyable and productive. Not so long ago I attended a lecture on embedded systems development processes . The presenter’s view was that the techniques of embedded development haven’t greatly changed in the last 50 years, and hence neither need the process. He walked us Continue reading