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Big Data for World Peace

from on 12.05.2015
Nigeria_Election_BigData International Alert

Zuhlke has been collaborating with peacebuilding charity International Alert since the summer of 2014 in a pro-bono project to look at opportunities for gaining insights and fresh perspectives on the situations in which they operate using social media and other forms of digital data. Alert is one of the world’s leading peacebuilding organisations, with nearly 30 years of experience promoting peace. Its primary goal is to help reduce conflicts within Continue reading

Guiding Business Innovation using Big Data and Data Analytics (Part 4)

from on 01.04.2015
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Business innovation in many of Sawhney et al’s innovation dimensions requires a thorough understanding of a number of different concerns:  Where are new customer segments? What do customers in these segments really want that a firm could provide? How can the firm extract more value from existing customer relationships? Where is the unmet demand that a new or existing product or service could meet? Where is the right market for Continue reading