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High Fidelity Prototypes – Worth the Effort?

from on 18.11.2016
High Fidelity Prototypes

Prototypes are pretty senseless. They cost you a lot of time and money and in the end you just throw away the result. So why in the world would you want to create an almost finished user interface if you then have to start all over again building the actual application? Couldn’t you just start developing and save your costs? Well, there might be reasons why people keep doing this, Continue reading

Djinni, I wish for easy integration of C++ in my Java Android app!

from on 01.12.2015

Have you ever had the pleasure of integrating native (i.e. C/C++) code into your Java application using JNI? Well, to use the word “pleasure” and “JNI” in one sentence is probably not a good idea, right? At least that is my own Impression. Typical tasks in JNI binding code are: generating the interface headers from the Java methods declared as native using javah looking up Java methods by the exact signature jniGetMethodID(aClazz, Continue reading

TimeCurl: Time Tracking made Easy

from on 18.12.2014

I don’t know how you feel about tracking time spent working on different projects. It can be a tedious task if you have more than a few activities to track. I personally want it to be as straightforward as possible with the minimal amount of time spent fiddling around with a program or app. For quite some time I used simply a tabulation sheet, which is great for entering long Continue reading