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What’s wrong with: “I don’t write any tests since I am not a tester”?

from on 13.10.2015

“Not a tester, so what are you then?” you might ask. Being that offending is generally not helpful. Unless you try to catch the attention as I do in this blog post 😉 Let’s digest the situation in detail.   A friend of mine attended my Scrum Developer class and caught fire during the “Testing” module where we talk about Code Quality, Testing, Test-First approaches, TDD and more. Boom! After that class he Continue reading

Is more planning the only way to reduce uncertainty in new ideas? A Stars2Road workshop experience report…

from on 17.09.2015
Stars2Road workshop - SpiderBegins1

Long time ago, I worked with a team of programmers in Australia where we had 5 programmers that were coding happily all day long. A project manager handed us requirements and clarified them every day in a daily sync meeting. Since we were a new team and lots of us just came fresh from university, we were a young, excited and happy hacker team. We were the “classic” programmers those Continue reading

Learning Scrum with Lego

from on 07.07.2015
One house as a part of a complex city

This blog is about our Scrum Essential Training: When designing my first Scrum training back in 2006, I came to the conclusion that Scrum cannot be taught, but the students have to experience the advantages and power of Scrum and agile within a case study. At that time, I had created the DOSBox programming example which is still in use by me and fellow trainers around the globe for’s Professional Scrum Continue reading

Can you find the 3 smells in “The requirement #721 doesn’t meet the Definition of Ready”

from on 28.05.2015
Mad Developer

Let me quickly describe a potential situation how this came about. During the Sprint Planning the team had agreed to deliver the top 5 Backlog items. They had some conversations about what the items are and where the problems could lie within those. The Product Owner had the feeling that just the top 5 items were not enough and that the team was not 100% busy in the next Sprint. So Continue reading