UI design process: why we need it

from on 13.12.2016

There is a lot of confusion about what a UI designer is and what they do, what is the difference between a UX designer, a UI designer and a UI developer / front-end developer. From a UI designer perspective the focus shoulderstand be on designing user interfaces only, but in reality lots of UI designers write at least HTML and CSS code ( knowing JS properly, is a full time job nowadays – interesting article) and are Involved to some extent in UX work. UI designers are UXers by default, because of it’s trendy. “UX / UI designer”, looks smart does not it? But when it comes to their UX skills, they are often non-existent: “User testing? Never heard of it!” Continue reading

High Fidelity Prototypes – Worth the Effort?

from on 18.11.2016
High Fidelity Prototypes

Prototypes are pretty senseless. They cost you a lot of time and money and in the end you just throw away the result. So why in the world would you want to create an almost finished user interface if you then have to start all over again building the actual application? Couldn’t you just start developing and save your costs? Well, there might be reasons why people keep doing this, Continue reading

UX Design, focusing on the outcomes

from on 11.08.2016

In the fast changing world of UX sometimes there’s an eagerness to try out the latest and greatest prototyping tool, try a new wireframing toolkit or develop ultra-detailed artefacts when they aren’t warranted. It’s important that UX engineers have an understanding of the tools available to them. It’s as important they understand what they wish to communicate before they select the tool to communicate with. Continue reading

User Experience – The Importance of Research

from on 28.01.2016

User experience has become a hot topic in product design, and most companies have started to understand it’s value. An essential, but often missed, part of creating a good user experience strategy is to involve users early in the design process. A common misconception is to believe that having conversations and workshops together with the customer and key stakeholders (with great insights into the target user groups) is enough to Continue reading

Agile PM Toolbox: User Story Mapping – You already know how

from on 14.04.2015
Agile PM Toolbox User Stories

The secret is out! Jeff Patton has finally written his book about User Story Mapping. We finally get inside the head of the man who coined the phrase ‘Story Mapping’. I was introduced to Story Mapping at Zuhlke Ltd in the UK and have used it at the start of several projects to find out how the intended users will use the system and for everyone on the project to have a shared Continue reading

ngEurope 2014

from on 20.11.2014

A couple of weeks ago I attended ngEurope in Paris, a conference about the present and future of AngularJS. AngularJS, commonly referred to as Angular, is an open source  JavaScript framework, maintained by Google and a strong community, that assists with creating single-page web applications. I have been using Angular successfully on various projects for our UK clients for the last one and a half years and was very keen Continue reading