Cross-platform development with JavaScript

from on 28.01.2017

The advantages of cross-platform development are clear: you can write one application and run it on several platforms. Instead of having several applications in various languages, you are able to save a lot of code and expense. The lesser code and languages you use the fewer your bugs, distribution and maintenance effort. I wanted to see how easy it would be to support several platforms with a single language and Continue reading

How to send data from a Particle Photon to OpenSensors

from on 20.09.2016

The Particle (formerly Spark) Photon is an easy to use WiFi connected micro-controller with a great web interface for managing the small Photon devices (think Arduino Nano connected to and programmed by the cloud). Code that runs on the device is written in Wiring, just like on Arduino. Particle have an app for provisioning and a rich web interface for developing, deploying, integrating and running the devices. And it’s not Continue reading

Xamarin for Cordova – a bizarre idea?

from on 16.09.2016
hand reichen

The goal The main task set by the Cross-Platform .NET topic at the annual Zühlke Germany camp in Barcelona was how to combine Cordova and Xamarin to use them together. At first, this idea seems to be a bit crazy because both frameworks are trying to solve the same problem. Xamarin as well as Cordova are cross-platform frameworks which were created to simplify the development of multi-platform mobile apps. Both Continue reading

Seeing Through Hardware – Implementation of an Augmented Reality Prototype

from on 28.06.2016
Zühlke Engineers working on the augmented reality prototyp

Our annual educational “Camp” at Zühlke Germany was a real blast – in several regards! For one, the location at Castelldefels near Barcelona provided a really beautiful and relaxing environment. But the educational aspect was great fun as well, as this year a few colleagues and me dug into Augmented Reality. We wanted to get to know the intricacies of Vuforia and Unity in order to use this combination for rapidly prototyping Augmented Reality applications. Continue reading

Xamarin Evolve 2016 recap

from on 27.06.2016

Now that we had some time to get rid of the six hour jet lag, we can finally report back on the outcome of Xamarin Evolve 2016. What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a company that evolved from the Mono project that enabled developers to run C# code on platforms, that were not considered for this purpose initially like Linux or Mac OS. With Xamarin SDK, developers are able to have a high amount of shared Continue reading

Faster Prototyping with Embedded Lua

from on 07.06.2016

Scripting has landed on the microcontroller. Scripting isn’t new for many embedded developers. We’ve been doing it for years in our test system, our build system and code generators. Scripting is at the core of many embedded Linux systems. And scripting is finally well within the reach of microcontrollers. Scriptable microcontrollers are a game-changer for prototyping: Fewer lines of code, less compiling and flashing, powerful libraries, no memory management. It Continue reading

Harmonic Analysis on Embedded Systems

from on 19.05.2016
Harmonic Analysis

Advanced Signal Processing often involves Harmonic Analysis, the decomposition of a signal into frequency components. On embedded systems, this analysis can be quite challenging.
I would like to show you some possible approaches to this problem and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading