Hack Yourself First: Renowned security specialist Troy Hunt trains Zühlke engineers

from on 23.11.2016
Hack yourself first with Troy Hunt at Zühlke

Web Security is a very hot topic these days. We often hear about data breaches, denial of service attacks and other malicious attempts at breaking into computer systems by attackers exploiting security holes in web applications. Surprisingly, many of these attacks are rather simple to execute. They can be (and often are) carried out by teenagers. Yet, even big players such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Adobe fell victim to Continue reading

Invisible Software Quality

from on 14.11.2016

When we think about what makes a piece of software good or even great, the terms that first come to mind usually are functionality, usability, safety and reliability. In other words, with good software it is easy to do everything it is designed for, and it is done well and without errors. Other important aspects are performance and scalability, i.e. the software works fast enough and for large enough data sets or large documents and with multiple users. Continue reading

HoloWorld – A Quick Dive Into HoloLens Development

from on 05.07.2016
Hololens usecase

Now that we at Zühlke have a Microsoft HoloLens on our hands (or rather, our heads), we can finally see what the HoloLens brings to the table, quite literally. From all kinds of tech news that we had seen and read before, our expectation was that this was basically another type of AR goggles. We were wrong. This is an entirely new breed of animal. It’s no wonder that Microsoft uses the term “Mixed Reality” here Continue reading

A Weekend of Hacking – Looking Back at the START Hack

from on 18.03.2016
START Hackathon

Let’s go back to last Friday afternoon: More and more people arrive at Startfeld in St. Gallen to attend the START Hackathon. Almost 250 people from different countries join the event to hack out their guts for the next 35 hours. Organised by students of the University of St. Gallen, it’s kind of a pre-event to the START summit which is takes place this weekend. The hacking folks can work on their own projects Continue reading

Meeting C++ 2015 Trip Report (Day 2)

from on 04.03.2016
The Meeting C++ Team

From December 4th to December 5th 2015, I attended the Meeting C++ 2015 conference in Berlin. The conference had about 450 attendees and featured two keynotes, 26 talks and two slots for lightning talks in four tracks. Attendees were mostly from Europe (about 55% German), but there were also attendees and speakers from overseas. The report for day 1 can be found here. Continue reading

Can you find the 5 smells in “I reviewed your code last night and deleted all of it since it’s crap”

from on 24.09.2015
Menschen sträuben sich gegen Änderungen - und damit gegen Innovationen.

Ok… Let’s make this a short one. I talked to lots of people about this statement and after lots of strange looks I got lots of comments about the behaviour. Especially about the “since it’s crap”. This is pretty obvious a very strong opinion about something. But hey! Maybe the code works, passed acceptance quality gates, the client user interface looks pretty good that uses this code piece and it Continue reading

Impressions from Belgrade – Part 4

from on 15.07.2015
The new bridge over the Sava river.

In the third part published in February I updated you about our situation after one year of operations. Now it is time for a final wrap-up from my point of view, as I am finally leaving Belgrade. People We have doubled our headcount within a year and will soon have 30 members of staff. It takes quite a lot of effort to guarantee our “Zühlke quality” while maintaining such a high hiring pace, but Continue reading