Innovation: always in the last place you look

from on 10.02.2017

A google image search reveals that the universal symbol for “innovation” is the incandescent electric light bulb. Putting aside that the lightbulb has been a zombie technology for many years, what can the history of the creation of the bulb tell us about innovation? From the earliest proof of concept by Davy to the introduction of the modern tungsten filament bulb was a period of around a century, during which Continue reading

Death of the Blockchain – exaggerated?

from on 14.07.2016

Recently, there has been much carping about blockchains – some commentators going as far as calling them “snake oil” and lead developer Mike Hearn disowning the whole Bitcoin project. In part, this stems from the very success of Bitcoin – the system is approaching its limits in terms of the rate of transactions it can support, as well as the total money supply. Continue reading

HoloWorld – A Quick Dive Into HoloLens Development

from on 05.07.2016
Hololens usecase

Now that we at Zühlke have a Microsoft HoloLens on our hands (or rather, our heads), we can finally see what the HoloLens brings to the table, quite literally. From all kinds of tech news that we had seen and read before, our expectation was that this was basically another type of AR goggles. We were wrong. This is an entirely new breed of animal. It’s no wonder that Microsoft uses the term “Mixed Reality” here Continue reading

Digital By Default?

from on 21.03.2016
orignal image

There are a lot of good lessons for anyone running any sort of “digital transformation” or “innovation” programme to be drawn from those very successful exemplars that GDS established in 2013—it’s a treat to go to an iteration boundary showcase and be told about (my, and maybe your) money being saved by newly implemented features, every two weeks for years, as we did at HMRC. There are also lessons to be learned from the compromised ones, like the one at the Rural Payments Agency. Continue reading

Is more planning the only way to reduce uncertainty in new ideas? A Stars2Road workshop experience report…

from on 17.09.2015
Stars2Road workshop - SpiderBegins1

Long time ago, I worked with a team of programmers in Australia where we had 5 programmers that were coding happily all day long. A project manager handed us requirements and clarified them every day in a daily sync meeting. Since we were a new team and lots of us just came fresh from university, we were a young, excited and happy hacker team. We were the “classic” programmers those Continue reading

Incorporating performance

from on 29.05.2015

Performance is often a topic in software projects. Does your project have requirements for performance? Even if the requirements are not written, I think there are always expectations. Or what would you say about a web page which responds after 20 seconds? At Zühlke we recently had an interesting workshop about how to incorporate performance into agile projects. Continue reading

Big Data for World Peace

from on 12.05.2015
Nigeria_Election_BigData International Alert

Zuhlke has been collaborating with peacebuilding charity International Alert since the summer of 2014 in a pro-bono project to look at opportunities for gaining insights and fresh perspectives on the situations in which they operate using social media and other forms of digital data. Alert is one of the world’s leading peacebuilding organisations, with nearly 30 years of experience promoting peace. Its primary goal is to help reduce conflicts within Continue reading

Agile PM Toolbox: User Story Mapping – You already know how

from on 14.04.2015
Agile PM Toolbox User Stories

The secret is out! Jeff Patton has finally written his book about User Story Mapping. We finally get inside the head of the man who coined the phrase ‘Story Mapping’. I was introduced to Story Mapping at Zuhlke Ltd in the UK and have used it at the start of several projects to find out how the intended users will use the system and for everyone on the project to have a shared Continue reading

Guiding Business Innovation using Big Data and Data Analytics (Part 4)

from on 01.04.2015
BigData WordCloud

Business innovation in many of Sawhney et al’s innovation dimensions requires a thorough understanding of a number of different concerns:  Where are new customer segments? What do customers in these segments really want that a firm could provide? How can the firm extract more value from existing customer relationships? Where is the unmet demand that a new or existing product or service could meet? Where is the right market for Continue reading