Roman Bertolami
Interested in cloud computing and pattern recognition, software design and system architecture, agility and antifragility, music, drums and everything else.

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Continuous Delivery in the Cloud

from on 15.08.2013

Continuous delivery has become one of the most popular software patterns in recent years. It changes much of the way we are thinking about software. There is no plan for the release next may. There are features that will be in production tomorrow, or at least in a week. Internet companies like flickr or amazon are proud to delivery new features constantly (e.g. amazon claims to release a new feature every 11.6 seconds). Let’s see how cloud computing is a perfect fit for implementing continuous delivery. Continue reading

Big Cloud for Small Apps

from on 25.03.2013
(c) Roman Bertolami

Most people associate cloud computing with large global auto-scaling applications. However, there is a different kind of applications that substantially benefit from cloud computing: small applications, like rapid prototypes or small business supporting systems. Running small applications in the cloud brings a number of benefits over a traditional in-house operations model. These include fast availability, new cost models and simple extensibility. Continue reading