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SW-Karriere vom Entwickler zum Distinguished Engineer; Humanist; gemeinsame Erfolge und Freude am Weg dorthin; Familie; Pragmatiker; Sport; Gute SW-Engineering Praktiken; Literatur; Kaizen; Mountain Biken; Lean Management; Lernen und Wissen teilen.

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Approaches how to scale agility

from on 09.02.2014
Scale Agility in your Organization

There are many ways how to scale agility in organizations. All of them are valid. All of them address different prerequisites, context or scenarios. Interesting point: depending on prerequisites, context or scenarios – what approach has which benefits or drawbacks?
The course “agility at corporate level” addresses these questions. This blog is about the background, history and intentions that finally caused the development of this course. Continue reading

INVEST and SMART are not enough to be happy

from on 08.06.2013
Requirements Engineering in the agile context

If you google for “courses agile testing”, you get over 15 million hits and the results really show a sound offering. In case you google “courses agile requirements engineering”, you only get 2.9 million hits and the quality of results is poor. Obviously, testing in the agile community is the far more interesting topic than requirements engineering. I ask: Why?! Maybe the reason is that it is so obvious. When Continue reading