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Innovation: always in the last place you look

from on 10.02.2017

A google image search reveals that the universal symbol for “innovation” is the incandescent electric light bulb. Putting aside that the lightbulb has been a zombie technology for many years, what can the history of the creation of the bulb tell us about innovation? From the earliest proof of concept by Davy to the introduction of the modern tungsten filament bulb was a period of around a century, during which Continue reading

Digital By Default?

from on 21.03.2016
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There are a lot of good lessons for anyone running any sort of “digital transformation” or “innovation” programme to be drawn from those very successful exemplars that GDS established in 2013—it’s a treat to go to an iteration boundary showcase and be told about (my, and maybe your) money being saved by newly implemented features, every two weeks for years, as we did at HMRC. There are also lessons to be learned from the compromised ones, like the one at the Rural Payments Agency. Continue reading

Software Engineering Days – Knowledge Transfer at Zühlke

from on 18.09.2013

Later this month Zühlke will join the ranks of companies that hold their own engineering conferences. All the software engineering professionals (which for us includes project managers, who were all engineers first) will meet for a couple of days in Frankfurt (Germany) to share knowledge and experience. We will have a very exciting keynote from Jeff Norris of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory followed by programmed sessions led by Zühlke staff from Continue reading