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HoloWorld – A Quick Dive Into HoloLens Development

from on 05.07.2016
Hololens usecase

Now that we at Zühlke have a Microsoft HoloLens on our hands (or rather, our heads), we can finally see what the HoloLens brings to the table, quite literally. From all kinds of tech news that we had seen and read before, our expectation was that this was basically another type of AR goggles. We were wrong. This is an entirely new breed of animal. It’s no wonder that Microsoft uses the term “Mixed Reality” here Continue reading

Harmonic Analysis on Embedded Systems

from on 19.05.2016
Harmonic Analysis

Advanced Signal Processing often involves Harmonic Analysis, the decomposition of a signal into frequency components. On embedded systems, this analysis can be quite challenging.
I would like to show you some possible approaches to this problem and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading