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Invisible Software Quality

from on 14.11.2016

When we think about what makes a piece of software good or even great, the terms that first come to mind usually are functionality, usability, safety and reliability. In other words, with good software it is easy to do everything it is designed for, and it is done well and without errors. Other important aspects are performance and scalability, i.e. the software works fast enough and for large enough data sets or large documents and with multiple users. Continue reading

Meeting C++ 2015 Trip Report (Day 2)

from on 04.03.2016
The Meeting C++ Team

From December 4th to December 5th 2015, I attended the Meeting C++ 2015 conference in Berlin. The conference had about 450 attendees and featured two keynotes, 26 talks and two slots for lightning talks in four tracks. Attendees were mostly from Europe (about 55% German), but there were also attendees and speakers from overseas. The report for day 1 can be found here. Continue reading