Articles published in 2016:

UI design process: why we need it

from on 13.12.2016

There is a lot of confusion about what a UI designer is and what they do, what is the difference between a UX designer, a UI designer and a UI developer / front-end developer. From a UI designer perspective the focus shoulderstand be on designing user interfaces only, but in reality lots of UI designers write at least HTML and CSS code ( knowing JS properly, is a full time job nowadays – interesting article) and are Involved to some extent in UX work. UI designers are UXers by default, because of it’s trendy. “UX / UI designer”, looks smart does not it? But when it comes to their UX skills, they are often non-existent: “User testing? Never heard of it!” Continue reading

3 Reasons To Organize a Technology Conference

from on 29.11.2016
Client Technology Day - Talks

What a blast. Last Thursday and Friday there were the Client Technology Days 2016 #CTD2016 an internally organized conference about client and user interface technology. This also includes database stuff like “SQL Server optimization techniques”, because every client needs a performant backend and “Blockchain” since that’s a technology every great developer should have heard of. The conference was a great success since there were 100s of people attending and the Continue reading

Hack Yourself First: Renowned security specialist Troy Hunt trains Zühlke engineers

from on 23.11.2016
Hack yourself first with Troy Hunt at Zühlke

Web Security is a very hot topic these days. We often hear about data breaches, denial of service attacks and other malicious attempts at breaking into computer systems by attackers exploiting security holes in web applications. Surprisingly, many of these attacks are rather simple to execute. They can be (and often are) carried out by teenagers. Yet, even big players such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Adobe fell victim to Continue reading

High Fidelity Prototypes – Worth the Effort?

from on 18.11.2016
High Fidelity Prototypes

Prototypes are pretty senseless. They cost you a lot of time and money and in the end you just throw away the result. So why in the world would you want to create an almost finished user interface if you then have to start all over again building the actual application? Couldn’t you just start developing and save your costs? Well, there might be reasons why people keep doing this, Continue reading

Invisible Software Quality

from on 14.11.2016

When we think about what makes a piece of software good or even great, the terms that first come to mind usually are functionality, usability, safety and reliability. In other words, with good software it is easy to do everything it is designed for, and it is done well and without errors. Other important aspects are performance and scalability, i.e. the software works fast enough and for large enough data sets or large documents and with multiple users. Continue reading

Zuhlke Mentor for Hack Manchester 2016

from on 14.11.2016

10 Zuhlke engineers supported the hack. Our task was to provide support for the whole event and we decided internally to make sure there were a minimum of 2 people available to help at any point throughout the 25-hour period. At the start of the event our team was dealing mainly with logistical issues, we answered a lot of questions about connecting to the Wi-Fi, where to get food from and where everything was. After about an hour in, we did start getting asked some technical questions, most notably one about the best navigator to use with React Native. Continue reading

How the blockchain can disrupt trade finance

from on 31.10.2016
Blockchain - trade finance

My colleague Immo gave a nice introduction into the blockchain and its capabilities and opportunities in his blog post: Death of the Blockchain – exaggerated?. I would like to follow this up by discussing how the blockchain can foster business-to-business transactions. From my point of view the capabilities of the blockchain are a good fit for enabling business transactions in an environment where companies bring in a third-party as trustee in order Continue reading