Articles published in 2015:

Continuous Integration for mobile apps with Fastlane and Jenkins

from on 02.12.2015
Continuous Integration

Developing complex mobile applications requires the same level of engineering as developing any other web or desktop application. Oddly, it seems to be less common to embrace practices like continuous delivery or even automated testing. That was at least the case in 2013, as stated by Reto Zenger: Continuous Delivery für iOS Apps. If you have already tried to run your iOS tests with the command xcodebuild and then read the log Continue reading

Djinni, I wish for easy integration of C++ in my Java Android app!

from on 01.12.2015

Have you ever had the pleasure of integrating native (i.e. C/C++) code into your Java application using JNI? Well, to use the word “pleasure” and “JNI” in one sentence is probably not a good idea, right? At least that is my own Impression. Typical tasks in JNI binding code are: generating the interface headers from the Java methods declared as native using javah looking up Java methods by the exact signature jniGetMethodID(aClazz, Continue reading

Stuck in Bimodal IT?

from on 02.11.2015

TL;DR “Bimodal IT” is simply an excuse to keep doing IT poorly (Jason Bloomberg). Forget Bimodal IT and focus on Continuous Improvement.         From Gartner: “Bimodal IT” Bimodal IT is the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility Continue reading

8 things to know about time zones

from on 21.10.2015
Site opened from Switzerland

Today is the day Marty McFly from the movie “Back to the future” arrives in the future. He arrives on the 21.10.2015 at exactly 04:29pm. Since I know the exact arrival time I planned to post a tweet to welcome Marty McFly. To find out how long I have wait I used this website The only problem was that this website gives you different times depending on your location. The page Continue reading

What’s wrong with: “I don’t write any tests since I am not a tester”?

from on 13.10.2015

“Not a tester, so what are you then?” you might ask. Being that offending is generally not helpful. Unless you try to catch the attention as I do in this blog post 😉 Let’s digest the situation in detail.   A friend of mine attended my Scrum Developer class and caught fire during the “Testing” module where we talk about Code Quality, Testing, Test-First approaches, TDD and more. Boom! After that class he Continue reading

Operating System Independence

from on 01.10.2015
Operating System Independence

The majority of embedded developers are working with at least two operating systems. We’ll generally be using a target OS, possibly an off the shelf RTOS, but often an in house kernel or similar, while our development machine will likely be running a different OS – be that Windows, Linux or some other. Even when I’ve used Linux for both development and target OS I’ve still had to cross-compile for Continue reading

Can you find the 5 smells in “I reviewed your code last night and deleted all of it since it’s crap”

from on 24.09.2015
Menschen sträuben sich gegen Änderungen - und damit gegen Innovationen.

Ok… Let’s make this a short one. I talked to lots of people about this statement and after lots of strange looks I got lots of comments about the behaviour. Especially about the “since it’s crap”. This is pretty obvious a very strong opinion about something. But hey! Maybe the code works, passed acceptance quality gates, the client user interface looks pretty good that uses this code piece and it Continue reading