Articles published in 2013:

Safety versus Availability in Medical Software

from on 25.11.2013

At this year’s MedConf in Munich, I had the opportunity to give a talk on architectural patterns used in safety-critical systems. One particular aspect of the talk was the increasing relevance of availability in medical software. Much to my pleasure, this topic spawned several interesting discussions. This posting summarizes the conclusions reached. Continue reading

Best Practices in Unit Testing

from on 18.11.2013

Unit testing is an endeavor that is often underestimated; it definitely takes a senior software engineer to write senior-level unit test code. Therefore, do not treat unit tests as a mere by-product. Provide your team with proper guidelines and help, make the management understand that you will have to assist junior developers with their test code, and help everyone avoid the pitfalls mentioned below. Continue reading

Do you regularly refine your Product Backlog?

from on 30.10.2013

Do your Sprint Planning Meetings last longer than 2 hours? Are there heated discussions about unclear requirements? Is it normal that new detail requirements pop up during the Sprint you implement the according Product Backlog item? Do the developers just develop during a Sprint? Does the Product Owner gather all requirements and the developers do not have contact with users outside the Sprint Review? Yes?!: You are probably not refining the Product Backlog regularely and outside the Sprint Planning Meeting.
Continue reading

Internationalization for embedded systems (Part One)

from on 21.10.2013

Developing multi-language support for embedded systems can be quite tricky, especially if non-latin script (e.g. Chinese) is involved. This post starts a small series covering various aspects of i18n intended to help you avoid common problems. We begin with how you can decide on a character set and why this should be done early in the project. Continue reading

Configure your Android project on Jenkins

from on 09.10.2013
Android Robot

When you are developing an Android application you won’t want to do without continous integration. But setting up a Jenkins job for your Android project is not quite the same as for your Java projects. Furthermore Android just introduced the new gradle build system. Here is a brief tutorial how to set up your Jenkins server so it can run builds for your Android project. Continue reading

Inside Academy: Frank Zinner on the Professional Scrum Developer (Java) course

from on 08.10.2013
Frank Zinner am PSD.Java Kurs

Inside Academy is a chance for course participants and lecturers to have their say, tell us what they thought of our courses and give us some critical feedback. The first two interviews were conducted following the July 2013 Professional Scrum Developer (Java) (PSD.Java) course, held in Schlieren. Below, we interview course participant Frank Zinner, a software systems engineer at Nidag GmbH in Mainz. Frank, what do you do at Nidag Continue reading

Four guidelines for developing connected products

from on 02.10.2013

After years of talk about ubiquitous computing, the Internet of Things is finally taking off. Miniaturisation and the falling prices for processors, memory, bandwidth, and sensors offer huge opportunities for manufacturers. For example, home automation devices are everywhere; medical devices and even street lamps are being connected. What does it take to develop successful connected products? My experience from Zühlke projects and observing the market shows that four simple guidelines Continue reading

How to get 200’000 downloads with a Windows 8 app

from on 01.10.2013
Logo "MovieGuide"

One year ago, Tobias Zürcher and I have started a fun project also willing to learn something. We called it Movie Guide. This Windows 8 app turned out to be an unexpected success story and has been featured in several occasions. After one year in the store we already have more than 200’000 downloads from all over the world. In this post I give some insights to our story and Continue reading