UX Design, focusing on the outcomes

from on 11.08.2016

In the fast changing world of UX sometimes there’s an eagerness to try out the latest and greatest prototyping tool, try a new wireframing toolkit or develop ultra-detailed artefacts when they aren’t warranted. It’s important that UX engineers have an understanding of the tools available to them. It’s as important they understand what they wish to communicate before they select the tool to communicate with. Continue reading

Death of the Blockchain – exaggerated?

from on 14.07.2016

Recently, there has been much carping about blockchains – some commentators going as far as calling them “snake oil” and lead developer Mike Hearn disowning the whole Bitcoin project. In part, this stems from the very success of Bitcoin – the system is approaching its limits in terms of the rate of transactions it can support, as well as the total money supply. Continue reading

HoloWorld – A Quick Dive Into HoloLens Development

from on 05.07.2016
Hololens usecase

Now that we at Zühlke have a Microsoft HoloLens on our hands (or rather, our heads), we can finally see what the HoloLens brings to the table, quite literally. From all kinds of tech news that we had seen and read before, our expectation was that this was basically another type of AR goggles. We were wrong. This is an entirely new breed of animal. It’s no wonder that Microsoft uses the term “Mixed Reality” here Continue reading

Seeing Through Hardware – Implementation of an Augmented Reality Prototype

from on 28.06.2016
Zühlke Engineers working on the augmented reality prototyp

Our annual educational “Camp” at Zühlke Germany was a real blast – in several regards! For one, the location at Castelldefels near Barcelona provided a really beautiful and relaxing environment. But the educational aspect was great fun as well, as this year a few colleagues and me dug into Augmented Reality. We wanted to get to know the intricacies of Vuforia and Unity in order to use this combination for rapidly prototyping Augmented Reality applications. Continue reading

Xamarin Evolve 2016 recap

from on 27.06.2016

Now that we had some time to get rid of the six hour jet lag, we can finally report back on the outcome of Xamarin Evolve 2016. What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a company that evolved from the Mono project that enabled developers to run C# code on platforms, that were not considered for this purpose initially like Linux or Mac OS. With Xamarin SDK, developers are able to have a high amount of shared Continue reading