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Daniel is a Principal Consultant with a focus on embedded systems and medical devices.

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A Trip to the Zoo… of IoT Platforms

von am 04.04.2016
Vernetzung schaffen mit dem Internet of Things

The Internet of Things arguably constitutes the mega-trend of our present time. In fact, it is such a big thing that one can easily spot trends within the trend — one of which is the boom of IoT platforms.
So what exactly is an IoT platform? A little research shows that different vendors offer very different products under this label. Therefore, a common definition would have to be about as vague as the following attempt: Weiterlesen

An In-Depth Look at Defensive Programming

von am 29.10.2015

In many contexts (such as safety-critical systems), it does not suffice to write code in a way that only covers good-weather scenarios. Instead, when designing interfaces and implementing functionality, we should pay close attention to what could go wrong, and incorporate respective countermeasures. The latter question is not only about possible runtime problems such as memory corruption; it particularly includes the use of your code by other people.