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Co-founder of the Zuhlke Group and currently heading the London office of Zuhlke Engineering UK. A Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering with a PhD in Software Engineering from University of Paderborn in Germany. Passionate about creating solutions using state-of-the art processes, methods and technology with a strong academic background from being a Professor at UCL.

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Digital Transformation

von am 29.06.2015
Digital Transformation and User Experience

In my previous blog posts I reviewed product, service and platform innovation and discussed the roles that Big Data and Data Analytics have in business innovation. Another interesting dimension that I have not yet paid any attention to, which will be the focus of this post, is innovation in User Experience. Sawhney et al¹ define user experience innovation as changing the way how customers interact with an organisation. The example he gives is moving phone conversations with call centres to Weiterlesen

Guiding Business Innovation using Big Data and Data Analytics (Part 4)

von am 01.04.2015
BigData WordCloud

Business innovation in many of Sawhney et al’s innovation dimensions requires a thorough understanding of a number of different concerns:  Where are new customer segments? What do customers in these segments really want that a firm could provide? How can the firm extract more value from existing customer relationships? Where is the unmet demand that a new or existing product or service could meet? Where is the right market for Weiterlesen

Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation (Part 2)

von am 06.01.2015
Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation

In my last blog post, I reviewed the many dimensions in which businesses can innovate. The most obvious and visible innovation that a firm can make is when it innovates its offering. This requires the firm to develop and launch new products and services. Many service innovations are digital, which require creation or changes of software. Likewise, the innovation in many modern products, such as consumer electronics, cars or medical Weiterlesen

Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation (Part 1)

von am 01.12.2014
Innovation in business

Over the past few months there has been a certain buzz about “innovation”. Lots of seminars, coaching sessions and discussions at the ITDF event focused on how businesses can innovate. It seemed there was agreement that British businesses, and European for that matter, need to innovate in order to remain competitive when faced with increasingly stiff global competition. Consensus on the meaning of “innovation” however, was conspicuously absent. Weiterlesen