Riina PakarinenSenior Software Engineer
As a .Net developer with GIS experience I am interested in Web services, Single Page Applications, Software architecture and GIS.

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Incorporating performance

von am 29.05.2015

Performance is often a topic in software projects. Does your project have requirements for performance? Even if the requirements are not written, I think there are always expectations. Or what would you say about a web page which responds after 20 seconds? At Zühlke we recently had an interesting workshop about how to incorporate performance into agile projects. Weiterlesen

Using custom maps in native Android apps

von am 21.01.2015

In this post I will write about our experience using maps in native Android apps and how to make them available in offline scenarios. There are a few things to consider if you plan to implement such a feature. But before diving into the details, I first want to go through some design issues for native offline apps. Weiterlesen

In search of a usable map service

von am 07.08.2014

Criteria for choosing a web map provider In my previous article I defined the basics of a web map service provider. In this article I will discuss the criteria for choosing the right web map provider. There are many good articles about comparing the technical features of the web map providers. I am specially interested in what I should know about an application before I start using the map, or even before I start reading comparitive articles Weiterlesen