Oliver BrackHead Application Management Services
Oliver Brack gained more than six years of practical experience as Software Engineer and Lead Software Architect before moving to Belgrade in October 2013. He started and established Zühlke’s shared service center for software engineering in Serbia’s capital city together with his great team. After two years he returned to Switzerland where he leads now the Application Management Services.

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Impressions from Belgrade – Part 4

von am 15.07.2015
The new bridge over the Sava river.

In the third part published in February I updated you about our situation after one year of operations. Now it is time for a final wrap-up from my point of view, as I am finally leaving Belgrade. People We have doubled our headcount within a year and will soon have 30 members of staff. It takes quite a lot of effort to guarantee our “Zühlke quality” while maintaining such a high hiring pace, but Weiterlesen

Distributed Development: Introduction

von am 24.11.2014

One year ago Zühlke Serbia (ZERS) started the operations with the goal to become the Group’s competence center for agile distributed software development. During this period we worked on various interesting projects for other Zühlke locations while some of them are still ongoing. In this first post of the blog series on distributed development we will give a brief explanation of what it is, the need for it and the Weiterlesen

Impressions from Belgrade – Part 1

von am 28.01.2014

In November 2013 Zühlke Serbia has opened its doors. This was the moment when I moved to Belgrade and started as Managing Director. I am sharing my experiences, surprises, discoveries, joys and sorrows with you in this blog series sporadically. Let me start with some interesting insights I gained during my first three months. Weiterlesen