Michael MaurerSoftware Engineer
I studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and recently finished my PhD on energy-efficient Cloud computing. I am interested in mathematical modelling of real-world problems, game and voting theory, optimization problems and (programming) languages. Ideally, I would only program in Haskell or Scala... In my free time I enjoy scouting, geocaching and travelling.

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Autonomic Resource Management using Drools

von am 10.01.2014
pool rules_cropped

Rules help to autonomically govern Cloud infrastructures. In this post we will see how we can formulate rules in Drools to configure the virtual machines in the Cloud – using the speculative approach from my last post. Re-configuring VMs to save energy Last time we saw that dynamically resizing virtual machines (VMs) in terms of CPU power, memory, storage, or bandwidth could help to save energy. Why? Because the smaller Weiterlesen

Speculating about resource consumption

von am 09.09.2013

Speculation is not only something for banks, but can also help to save energy. May it be a little bit less? When renting a virtual machine (VM), we set up a QoS contract between the Cloud provider and the customer that specifies details about how “large” the VM should be. These contracts are called Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Violations of terms in these SLAs result into penalties the Cloud provider Weiterlesen

Saving Energy and Resources Through Cloud Computing

von am 22.03.2013
Energy-efficient clouds

Dealing with energy wisely is a cross-cutting challenge worldwide, also for IT, and especially for Cloud Computing. I finished my PhD at TU Vienna last year addressing exactly this issue. How can we save energy in Clouds, while guaranteeing a high service quality at all times? Will IT destroy the environment? ICT makes up for 2% of the worldwide CO2 production – and rising. This might not seem much, but Weiterlesen