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Distributed development: Q&A Session (Part 2)

von am 08.06.2015

We have shared with you our thoughts on distributed development from the view of developers, team leads and project owners. We continue today with some more interesting answers which helped us to better understand the on-site perspective on distributed development. We intend to give you more complete picture of challenges and benefits of working in this manner. To our opinion, there is a huge benefit of working in an international environment, getting different perspectives and meeting interesting cultures and people.

Distributed Development: Collaboration (Part 2)

von am 06.03.2015

Good teamwork and well-defined communication channels represent the foundation for any successful project. As much as it is true for both collocated and distributed teams, there are problems that the team members working in the same office don’t have to face.
In the distributed setups, lack of face-to-face communication can be compensated (at least to some extent) with the usage of proper tools.