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Code Generation & Meta-Programming in Embedded Software

von am 13.03.2017
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Code generation and meta-programming can be significant time savers in embedded software projects. But pro-ject leaders and developers are reluctant to use it, for various reasons. This post looks into these reasons and analyses them one at a time. In conclusion, only some of the reservations towards code generation tools seem to be justified. Weiterlesen

Faster Prototyping with Embedded Lua

von am 07.06.2016

Scripting has landed on the microcontroller. Scripting isn’t new for many embedded developers. We’ve been doing it for years in our test system, our build system and code generators. Scripting is at the core of many embedded Linux systems. And scripting is finally well within the reach of microcontrollers. Scriptable microcontrollers are a game-changer for prototyping: Fewer lines of code, less compiling and flashing, powerful libraries, no memory management. It Weiterlesen

Software is Not Hardware – Why You Shouldn’t Test Embedded Software in a Test Stand

von am 26.11.2015
Burning through your test-budget: A software bug found on a hardware test stand is an expensive finding. (Image credit: NASA/MSFC)

Well, in fact you can and you should test embedded software in a test stand. But it shouldn’t be the only thing in your test strategy. In fact, you probably shouldn’t spend more than a third of your test budget on the test stand. Here is the reason why: A bug found on the test stand is an expensive finding! Instead, almost all bugs should be found well before the Weiterlesen