Daniel ToblerPrincipal Consultant and Trainer
Daniel is a developer in the embedded area, programming in C#, C/C++ and Java. He has been working as developer, project manager, agile tester, architect, coach, and Scrum Master in various projects. Scrum is on his list since 2000 where he used a similar method to complete a death march project. Beside Scrum he uses RUP, iterative development and XP. Daniel works as principal consultant for Zühlke Engineering AG in Switzerland. He coaches companies applying Scrum, Kanban, testing and other engineering disciplines. He is a trainer for Scrum.org since 2010. He also lectures about OO-Design and Scrum at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil/Switzerland.

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Learning Scrum with Lego

von am 07.07.2015
One house as a part of a complex city

This blog is about our Scrum Essential Training: When designing my first Scrum training back in 2006, I came to the conclusion that Scrum cannot be taught, but the students have to experience the advantages and power of Scrum and agile within a case study. At that time, I had created the DOSBox programming example which is still in use by me and fellow trainers around the globe for Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum Weiterlesen

I have been at a SAFe training…

von am 28.10.2014

… and I liked it. We had a skilled trainer (Michael Stump) and also very good discussions among the participants who all had excellent knowledge about agility. I’m involved in an agile transition of a large health care insurance company. We have invented the processes on program- and portfolio-level on our own. I think this is still a good idea; the involved people developed a good understanding of agility while Weiterlesen

Do you regularly refine your Product Backlog?

von am 30.10.2013

Do your Sprint Planning Meetings last longer than 2 hours? Are there heated discussions about unclear requirements? Is it normal that new detail requirements pop up during the Sprint you implement the according Product Backlog item? Do the developers just develop during a Sprint? Does the Product Owner gather all requirements and the developers do not have contact with users outside the Sprint Review? Yes?!: You are probably not refining the Product Backlog regularely and outside the Sprint Planning Meeting.

Team building and Scrum training combined!

von am 24.09.2013

Are you looking for a training that 1. deepens your knowledge of Scrum? You know Scrum from books, but you haven’t seen it in practice (and you can’t imagine how it works). Or you are doing Scrum at your company, but you are looking for ideas to improve it? 2. offers you the possibility to learn and use the latest and most proven SW Engineering Practices like relative estimation, specification by example, clean Weiterlesen

Kein Bauer hat den Misthaufen in der Stube

von am 19.03.2013
Die Größe des Misthaufens vor dem Haus war früher entscheidend für die Attraktivität des unverheirateten Bauern. Veröffentlicht unter Creative Commons 2. Fotograf: tiegeltuf, http://www.flickr.com/photos/11596438@N00/3498197476/

Der Frühling kommt und damit auch die Zeit, wo die Bauern den Mist aufs Feld austragen. Der Mist ist ein wichtiger Dünger für den Boden. Nur auf einem gut gedüngten Boden kann die Saat des Bauern gedeihen und damit sein Business wachsen. Der Misthaufen ist überlebenswichtig für den Bauern. Darum hat auch jeder Bauernhof seinen Misthaufen. Dieser ist, wenn man bei einem Bauernhof vorbeiläuft, immer sehr gut sicht- und riechbar. Aber Weiterlesen