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How the blockchain can disrupt trade finance

von am 31.10.2016
Blockchain - trade finance

My colleague Immo gave a nice introduction into the blockchain and its capabilities and opportunities in his blog post: Death of the Blockchain – exaggerated?. I would like to follow this up by discussing how the blockchain can foster business-to-business transactions. From my point of view the capabilities of the blockchain are a good fit for enabling business transactions in an environment where companies bring in a third-party as trustee in order Weiterlesen

Distributed Systems: How to design resilient applications with Hystrix

von am 18.01.2016

Resiliency is becoming increasingly important. In this blog post I will give you an overview on how to design resilient, distributed systems on the JVM by means of the framework Hystrix. The examples should put you in a position to start using Hystrix in your system. Weiterlesen