Lean StartUp

von am 19.03.2015
Lean StartUp

Of all the practices that have to come together to create a piece of software, the engineering of the requirement may very well be the most difficult and least understood. A requirement is somebodies need or want, but it is not a product or a solution. Requirements Engineers are creators of artefacts that define needs so that a product can be implemented. A solution can obviously only be useful, when Weiterlesen

Can you find the 3 smells in “I added a Refactoring Story for the next Cleanup Sprint”?

von am 12.03.2015
Bad Developer

This is an interesting statement. Let’s see how often the alarm bell rang in your head. I mean how many smells you can find in that statement… Before you scroll down to read my answers, please count to 10 and try to find 3 issues. “I added a Refactoring Story for the next Cleanup Sprint”? Have you thought about it yourself? Really hard? Let’s see: 1. “I” Really? You added a Weiterlesen

Distributed Development: Collaboration (Part 2)

von am 06.03.2015

Good teamwork and well-defined communication channels represent the foundation for any successful project. As much as it is true for both collocated and distributed teams, there are problems that the team members working in the same office don’t have to face.
In the distributed setups, lack of face-to-face communication can be compensated (at least to some extent) with the usage of proper tools.

Distributed Development: Collaboration (Part 1)

von am 27.02.2015

As the plane was setting down it marked a kick start of a tight schedule in the days to follow: non-pixelated live meetings with team members, meetings with the customer, pair programming and backlog refinement sessions, discussing business logic, and of course the evening fondue followed by a beer at the pub. Collaborating and watching a project progress is a satisfying thing, even if there are obstacles along the way. Weiterlesen