Using custom maps in native Android apps

von am 21.01.2015

In this post I will write about our experience using maps in native Android apps and how to make them available in offline scenarios. There are a few things to consider if you plan to implement such a feature. But before diving into the details, I first want to go through some design issues for native offline apps. Weiterlesen

Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation (Part 2)

von am 06.01.2015
Software Engineering is a key enabler for Business Innovation

In my last blog post, I reviewed the many dimensions in which businesses can innovate. The most obvious and visible innovation that a firm can make is when it innovates its offering. This requires the firm to develop and launch new products and services. Many service innovations are digital, which require creation or changes of software. Likewise, the innovation in many modern products, such as consumer electronics, cars or medical Weiterlesen

Agile Systementwicklung – Teil 1

von am 29.12.2014
Agile Systementwicklung - Teil 1

Dieser Blog-Post leitet eine Serie von Beiträgen ein, die sich mit der Übertragung von Methoden der agilen Softwareentwicklung auf die Entwicklung von Systemen oder Geräten beschäftigt. Dabei werden verschiedene Aspekte der Einführung und der Durchführung von agiler Systementwicklung beleuchtet, die auf langjährigen Erfahrungen aus unserer Projektpraxis beruhen. Am Ende des Tages zählt ein funktionierendes System oder Gerät, das bei gegebenem Budget in möglichst kurzer Zeit und hoher Qualität entwickelt wird. Weiterlesen

Diesel, Part 1: A Plea for a Lightweight Approach to DSLs

von am 19.12.2014

Domain-specific languages and code generation have proved to be very helpful tools in many of our projects. However, several colleagues and I share the impression that the tools of the trade come with cumbersome restrictions and dependencies. Therefore, a while back, we posed the following hypothesis: We should investigate lightweight approaches to parser/generator toolkits that integrate particularly well with our usual development environments and build systems. Weiterlesen

TimeCurl: Time Tracking made Easy

von am 18.12.2014

I don’t know how you feel about tracking time spent working on different projects. It can be a tedious task if you have more than a few activities to track. I personally want it to be as straightforward as possible with the minimal amount of time spent fiddling around with a program or app. For quite some time I used simply a tabulation sheet, which is great for entering long Weiterlesen

Automated mobile UI testing with Xamarin.UITest and Xamarin Test Cloud

von am 16.12.2014
cross-platform mobile

Systematic automated testing of mobile apps is unfortunately still not a part of every project. I’ve seen many projects that only rely on manual exploratory testing. This is, in part, because the tools for automated testing of mobile apps haven’t always been there. At their first Evolve conference in 2013, Xamarin announced that they had acquired LessPainful, a company mostly known for the creation of the popular Calabash mobile testing Weiterlesen